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This is Gabriel Rosentall – huge Toyota fan and Product Advisor working for Regency Toyota in Vancouver, on 401 Kingsway.

I’m a salesman with over 20 years experience in sales, mostly in real estate. I decided to start selling cars and being a Toyota fan, this is where I’m at.

On this blog you will find comprehensive information, reviews and videos about Toyota vehicles, history and fun facts.

When you’re thinking about your next car, I’d love to assist you with everything I can to identify, select and through the complete buying/leasing process and beyond. My goal is to become your trustworthy point of contact for every need you may have regarding Toyota cars, service, warranty and more.

You can reach me directly on my cell at 236 863 2192 and email: gabrielr@regencyauto.com

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Thank you and have a great day!

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